Student researchers for RGHRP

Kromer, R.PhDGeological Sciences/ EngineeringIdentifying and monitoring rockfall precursors using Terrestrial Laser Scanning for improved rockfall hazard management2018
Rodriguez, J.L.PhDGeotechnical Engineering Numerical simulation of water flow through unsaturated soil in vertical and inclined layered systems2018
Bonneau, D.MScGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Carter, R.MScGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Irwin, K.MAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringSurface water classification and monitoring using polarimetric synthetic aperture radar2018
Journault, J.MScGeotechnical EngineeringAnalysis of modern landslide deformations in the Thompson River Valley using InSAR2018
Hudson, R.MAScGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Le Meil, G.MScGeotechnical EngineeringCharacterization of a landslide-prone glaciolacustrine clay from the Thompson River Valley near Ashcroft, British Columbia2018
Rowe, E.MAScGeological Sciences/ Engineering An examination of structural constraints on rockfall behaviour using LiDAR data2018
Sala Z.MScGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Chyz, A.BASc/ RAGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Kelly, L.BASc/ RAGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Meeks, E.BASc/ RAGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Lan, H.RAGeotechnical EngineeringRisk modeling in GIS2018
Van Veen, M.MAScGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Ondercin, MMAScGeological Sciences/ Engineering2018
Bartz, J.MScGeotechnical EngineeringAnalysis and design of sheet pile ribs for slope stabilization2017
Gillen, H.MScGeotechnical EngineeringLandslide mitigation using granular shear keys: observations from a review of 38 case studies2017
Macciotta, R.RAGeotechnical EngineeringQuantified risk applied to railway operation optimization2017
Acharya, M.PhDGeotechnical EngineeringInvestigation of the mechanism of long-term deformation of peat subgrade under embankment loading2016
Carla, T.Visiting PhDGeotechnical EngineeringTime-series analysis of landslides displacement data for early-warning purposes2016
Ondercin, M.MAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringAn exploration of rockfall modelling through game engines2016
Schafer, M.MScGeotechnical EngineeringKinematics and controlling mechanics of the slow moving Ripley landslide2016
van Veen, M.MAScGeotechnical EngineeringBuilding a rockfall database using remote sensing: techniques for hazard management in Canadian rail corridors2016
Hunter, E.BSc/RACivil & Environmental EngineeringEvaluation of geotechnical hazards of extreme floods2015
Taslagyan, K.PhDGeotechnical EngineeringThe shear strength of granular soils under the influence of vibration2015
Kennedy, C.MScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringComparison of geomechanics rock slope data collected using photogrammetry and LiDAR platforms2015
Heilman, J.MEngGeotechnical EngineeringSpatial and temporal aspects of rock fall events along a railroad corridor in southwest British Columbia2015
Sampson, M.MEngGeotechnical EngineeringQuantitative risk assessment of derailment and fatality due to rockfalls along a cut slope pre- and post-mitigation: Milepost 10.2 of CP's Cascade Subdivision2015
Gauthier, D.PDFGeological Sciences/ EngineeringSensitive clay process modeling; LiDAR assessment of rockfall source zones2015
Macciotta, R.PhDGeotechnical EngineeringQuantitative risk assessment of natural and cut slopes: Measuring uncertainty in the estimated risks and proposed framework for developing risk evaluation criteria2013
Reich, B.MEngGeotechnical EngineeringThe Ripley Landslide: The effect of river level on velocity and instability of natural slopes2013
Shehzad, K.MEngGeotechnical EngineeringExamination of internal stresses in debris flow using DEM modeling2013
Cluett, C., McAuley, S., Koby, S., Zurbryky, S.BAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringRockfall mitigation along CN Rail through White Canyon, British Columbia2013
Lea, E.BAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringRockfall hazard mapping White Canyon2013
MacGowan, T.BAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringCharacterising White Canyon rock hazards using LiDAR and photogrammetry2013
Hendry, M.PhDCivil & Geological EngineeringThe geomechanical behaviour of peat foundations below rail-track structures2012
Delaloye, D.MScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringDevelopment of a new methodology for measuring deformation in tunnels and shafts with terrestrial laser scanning (LiDAR) using elliptical fitting algorithms2012
LeClerc, R., Thompson, M.BAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringOptimization of ballast testing techniques considering rock type, mineralogy, weathering and abrasion2012
Bailey, B.MScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringInvestigation into the source and progression of railway track ballast layer fouling material for the CN Joliette, QC subdivision2011
Russell, J.MScGeotechnical EngineeringProcess analysis of rockfalls with stationary terrestrial LiDAR and RockFall Analyst2011
Bale, S.BScCivil & Environmental EngineeringApplication of LiDAR and InSAR technology to monitoring rock slope on CP Rail tracks2011
Day, J., Kuuskman, M., MacCallum, C.BAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringEvaluation of the effect of railway ballast fouling and design of embankment stabilization solutions2011
Medinski, D.BScCivil & Environmental EngineeringApplication of ground based InSAR technology to monitoring of Turtle Mountain2011
Thompson, M.BAScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringGeospatial analysis of ballast fouling sources2011
Kalenchuk, K.PhDGeological Sciences/ EngineeringMulti-dimensional analysis of large, complex slope instability2010
Lato, M.PhDGeological Sciences/ EngineeringGeotechnical applications of LiDAR pertaining to geomechanical evaluation and hazard identification2010
Dunlop, S.MScGeological Sciences/ EngineeringRockslides in a changing climate: establishing relationships between meteorological conditions and rockslides in southwestern Norway for the purposes of developing a hazard forecast system2010
Alzo'ubi, A.PhDGeotechnical EngineeringThe effect of tensile strength on the stability of rock slopes2009
Mansour, M.MEngGeotechnical EngineeringCharacteristic behaviour of slow moving slides2009
Quinn, P.PhDGeological Sciences/ EngineeringLarge landslides in sensitive clay in eastern Canada and the associated hazard and risk to linear infrastructure2009
Bunce, C.PhDGeotechnical EngineeringRisk estimation for railways exposed to landslides2008
Eshraghian, A.PhDGeotechnical Engineering
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